Thursday, January 21, 2010

Little Red

In my mentor class this past semester, we were given the freedom to design our own project. My theme - What would happen if you mixed crime dramas with classic fairytales?

My first design came out like this:

After some minor changes and alterations it turned into this:

Some of the warmth from the first one got lost but I liked the design of the second one better. I think that I could easily paint a third one...

Artwork ©Caitlyn Dailey 2010


Linda Fung said...

I like this one! If you do a 3rd one, give her Miley Cyrus hair!!

Callan's Sketchblog said...

I love how noir this is! such a mug on that one, awesome :D

Chris Houghton said...

Ooh, this is great! Keep up the awesome work Caitlyn!